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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

IIS Tools that you should have...

Here is a list of IIS tools I've used in the past and their respective links.  Please note that all of these tools are FREE and widely used in the industry.
IIS Web Deploy 2.0
IIS 6.0 Resource Kit (many tools included here – most helpful are probably IIS 6.0 Migration Tool and the IIS Metabase Explorer)
IIS Diagnostics Kit – IIS Diag
This includes a number of tools which help diagnose various types of problems with IIS setup and configuration:
  • AuthDiag - authentication and ACL problems
  • SSL Diag - SSL-related problems
  • SMTP Diag - smtp-related issues
  • Log Parser - allows for easy reading of IIS log files
  • Debug Diag - allows you to create memory dumps manually or automatically when IIS hangs.  It also can run a memory ananlysis from the memory dump captured!
  • and others...

Event Log Explorer - allows you to create custom queries and filters against anything in the Event Viewer – very cool!

And a whole list of the other great tools from the IIS Team at Microsoft:


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